Friday, November 17, 2006


After snapping my V3 Razr in half in a fit of rage, I've struggled through the last two weeks armed only with my father's discarded, ancient brick of a phone. No colour screen, no calendar and no phone numbers. Now, with the fresh signing of my life over to Optus for yet another two years (making eight in total), I have a shiny new Nokia 6280. Ooooeer. And, thanks to the magical properties of Bluetooth, my lovely computer decided to transfer all the contacts buried within it's bowels. Much hooray!

In other news, we went to see The Prestige yesterday. Interesting, but I really wasn't into it. Lefa pointed out that could be because I was thinking about an entirely different film when I agreed to see it. She could be right. Anyway, now I think more about it, it was a good film. Hugh Jackman was fantastic as the slightly demented main character, and Christian Bale pulled off a surprisingly good cockney magician. Excellent performance from David Bowie as Dr Nikola Tesla - that man really should act more.

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  1. I agree it is certainaly a great film and the talents of Hugh Jackman particularly as the demented magician showing the disintigration of his character was amaging as well as cameo parts he played with additional characters. Chrisian Bale did turn in a very good cockney accent and of course Michael Caine and David Bowie were wonderful support.

    I think the weak link was Scarlet
    she showed no emotion, no feeling and was not convincing. But I will see this film again and get the DVD for my collection of HJ Movies.