Friday, January 09, 2009

Awesome product, awesome campaign

I love my Moleskin diary, notepad and address book. But I'm thinking I might have to switch over to Field Notes - the whole movement behind it is so cool.

First off, it's got Coudal Partners behind it - one of my favourite design/info/cool stuff blogs.

They understand their market, and write copy accordingly:

Before the Internet, one could simply walk into an establishment, often built of simple bricks and mortar, and, standing face-to-face with another human being, exchange paper currency for goods and services. Happy days are here again, my friends! Buy local, save shipping expenses! Fine shops around the world that hawk our wares are listed below.

Love it. There's also an understanding of the intense power in viral marketing. Why waste time trying to spruik a good product? If it's that good, it will be marketed better by the people who use it. Field Notes understands that, which is why the Flickr group they've set up enables people to be part of the wider world of users. Even if you don't have people joining the group, showing all photos tagged 'fieldnotes' is a huge way of showing the spread of the product. Simple, but genius.

Finally, check out the products themselves. Simple, elegant, old-world charm with modern usefulness. My only negative? No eco-credentials (at least that I could see).


  1. I owe my own Moleskine obsession to you and Lefa, but I'm not sure what makes these better? The viral marketing idea is novel and intelligent, but are the *products* really any better?

  2. I do still love my Moleskins, but I like ye olde world charme of simple black typesetting and red lettering.

    With these, I could pretend I was bunkered down waiting for the Germans to attack, rather than sipping a Cafe Latte in Marseilles with the moleskin.